Cross Country

by Alfred Poor

Section A:


Aloha! Welcome to the Pacific paradise of the Hawaiian Islands. Microsoft’s Hawaii scenery collection includes a host of wonderful sights for the sim flight tourist. While Diamond Head and Waikiki may be the most familiar locations (“Book ‘em, Danno!”), your cross country flights will take you to some of the less-familiar islands.

In real life, you have to contend with tropical winds, turbulence on the lee side of the many mountains, rapidly-changing weather, and even reduced visibility due to “vog” (smog from volcanic activity). And then there’s the problem of understanding Air Traffic Controller instructions; it can take a while to master the correct pronunciation of landmarks such as “Kaunakakai”!

The weather is always as perfect as you want it with FS5.1, however, and these flights don’t require radio communications, so prepare to enjoy the stunning scenery as you fly around the islands.

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