Cross Country

by Alfred Poor

Section D:


Ahhh, the Caribbean!

Miles and miles of crystal waters, dotted with some of the most beautiful island beaches in all the world. Parts of it are so close that you can visit on a short jump from the Florida coast, but the chain of islands (and the Microsoft scenery collection) stretches all the way down to the top of the South American continent.

There are two simple truths about flying in the Caribbean; some of the distances are great, and every flight involves some over-water travel. Combine these two factors, and you can have some long legs without much to look at along the way. You can hurry progress along with the use of the autopilot and Rate of Simulation features in FS5.1, but for the real experience, hand fly these legs in real-time. The extra effort will make you appreciate your beach time all the more when you reach your destination.

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