The Official F-15 Strike Eagle Handbook

by Richard Sheffield

The Barrel Roll

Minimum Speed: 400 knots

Minimum Altitude: 1000 feet

The main difference between a Barrel Roll and an Aileron Roll is that the nose of the aircraft stays level during an Aileron Roll. During a Barrel Roll the nose points up slightly during the first half of the maneuver, down during the second half, and then back level. This climbing and diving produces more drag; consequently, the Barrel Roll is used in many maneuvers to reduce the aircraft's speed.

• Flying straight and level, pull back on the stick to achieve a 30-degree climb (third indicator line). As soon as a 30-degree climb is reached, apply full right (or left) stick, still holding the stick back (at the 4:30 position). Hold this position (1).

• The plane should climb and roll inverted (2).

• You'll dive and roll out level (3).

• Stop the roll with your nose and wings level. Some forward stick toward the end of the roll may be necessary to bring the nose down (4).

Pull back on the stick to put the aircraft in a 30-degree climb; then roll the plane.

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