Microsoft Flight Simulator Handbook

by Jonathan M. Stern


Navigation Charts

Pilot's Log

One day in Washington, there was a particularly strong wind out of the west, and a Piedmont 737 was flying the River Approach to National Airport. Because of its crab angle, the plane seemed to be headed for the tallest building in Roslyn, Virginia. Several of the occupants of the top two floors of that building got out of their chairs and took cover under their desks. The flight itself landed uneventfully, but the newspapers made a big deal of the incident. The following day, I was working ground control at National Airport. As an Eastern 727 taxied by a Piedmont 737, I heard over the radio, "Hey Piedmont, find an apartment yet?"

The aeronautical charts of primary concern to the instrument-rated pilot are enroute charts and instrument approach procedure charts. The U.S. Department of Commerce National Ocean Survey (NOS) enroute and approach charts were used to illustrate this book. The instrument approach procedure charts for the Munich and Paris area scenery and several charts included in Appendix C were generated with the Final Approach program.

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