Microsoft Flight Simulator Handbook

by Jonathan M. Stern

ILS Approach to Paris, France

Paris, the City of Light. With the weather as low as you set it when you were making the trek from Chateaudun, however, the only lights that you should expect to see are the approach lights.

Recall the City of Light situation. Remember that you were over Coulommiers VORTAC at 7,000 feet. Review the Final Approach-generated IAP chart for the ILS Rwy 27 IAP to Charles de-Gaulle Airport, shown in Figure 18.66.

Figure 18.66. ILS Rwy 27—Paris/Charles de-Gaulle Airport, France.

Now follow these steps:

  1. Track the 348 degree radial from Coulommiers for 11.0 miles and then turn onto the localizer course.
  2. Set the NAV 2 radio to CLM and the NAV 1 to the localizer on 110.7. Set the NAV 1 OBI to 268°, the final approach course, and the NAV 2 OBI to 348 degrees. Set the ADF to 356, the frequency for RSY, an NDB outside the OM but on the final approach course.
  3. Unpause and fly outbound from CLM. The note just above the CLM VORTAC requires that you cross the VORTAC at 7,000 feet, which you did, and then descend to 4,000 feet. Retard the throttles and descend at 2,000 FPM to 4,000 feet.
  4. Upon reaching 11.0 DME, switch to NAV 1 (hold down Shift and press Tab) and make the left turn onto the localizer course. Maintain 4,000 feet until intercepting the glideslope. Maintain a speed between 160 and 180 KIAS until glideslope interception.
  5. When the glideslope needle enters the bullseye, lower the landing gear and start down the glideslope. Adjust the throttles to maintain 160 KIAS, until you start adding flaps. With full flaps, your approach speed should be between 130 and 145 KIAS.
  6. The first fix along the final approach course is the RSY NDB, which is designated Lctr or locator on the profile view of the IAP chart. At passage of the RSY NDB, identified only if you switch the NAV display to the ADF, the aircraft should be at 2,260 feet, as indicated by the GS 2260 in the profile view (see Figure 18.67).
  7. Figure 18.67. As the airplane passes the RSY NDB, the altitude should be 2.260 feet.
  8. The approach continues past the outer marker and to the middle marker, which you should reach at about the same time that the aircraft reaches the decision height. If the runway environment is in sight and the aircraft is in a position from which it can be landed using normal maneuvers and procedures, continue the descent and land. Otherwise, execute the missed approach procedure.

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