Microsoft Flight Simulator Handbook

by Jonathan M. Stern

ILS Approach to Munich, Germany

Munich is a colorful city, known for its old-fashioned beer halls, Oktoberfest, and its high-tech manufacturing. On your approach in the Lear, you have little opportunity to enjoy the view. Instead, you need to focus all of your attention on the instrument panel, the airport, and your constant visual search for air traffic.

Start by recalling the Inbound To Munich situation from the Options/Situation menu. Although the IAP chart does not reflect it, you use the Maisach VORTAC as an initial approach fix. When the Inbound To Munich situation is recalled, you should find yourself seated in the Lear 35 over Maisach descending to 5,000 feet. Study the ILS Rwy 8R IAP to Munich, shown in Figure 18.68.

Figure 18.68. ILS Rwy 8R—Munich, Germany.

It's only a hop, skip, and a jump from Maisach onto the final approach course, and things happen fast:

  1. Set up your radios for the ILS before you unpause. The NAV 1 should be set to the ILS localizer frequency of 110.9.
  2. Set the OBI to 083° with the OBS. The ADF should be set to the LOM frequency of 385. Finally, set up the NAV 2 to allow navigation from Maisach to the final approach course. Maisach transmits on 108.4, and you will want to track outbound on the 50° radial.
  3. Unpause now and track outbound on the Maisach 50° radial. At 4.0 DME, you can switch over to the ILS, which you tuned into NAV 1. As the localizer needle moves toward the center of the NAV 1 display, pace the turn to 83° so as to roll out on the final approach heading with the localizer needle centered (see Figure 18.69).

    Figure 18.69. Turning onto the final approach course at Munich, you overshoot the localizer course slightly.
  4. When the glideslope needle is headed down and enters the bullseye, lower the landing gear and start down the glideslope (see Figure 18.70).

    Figure 18.70. The runway is clearly in sight as you pass the outer marker on your way into Munich.
  5. Remember to run a Lear 35 Before Landing check. You have to modify your GUMP check in the Lear because you have no mixture or propeller control with which to concern yourself.
  6. As the airplane passes through DH, extend your flaps all the way, and grease one on the runway to conclude your flight to Germany.

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