Flying on Instruments with Flight Simulator

by Jonathan M. Stern

IAP Charts

General Information & Abbreviations

* Indicates control tower or ATIS operates non-continuously.
Distances in nautical miles (except visibility in statute miles and Runway Visual Range in hundreds of feet).
Runway Dimensions in feet.
Elevations in feet Mean Sea Level (MSL).
Radials/bearings/headings/courses are magnetic.
# Indicates control tower temporarily closed UFN.
ADF Automatic Direction Finder
ALS Approach Light System
APR CON Approach Control
ARR Arrival
ASR/PAR Published Radar Minimums at this Airport
ATIS Automatic Terminal Information Service
AWOS Automated Weather Observing System
AZ Azimuth
BC Back Course
C Circling
CAT Category
CCW Counter Clockwise
Chan Channel
CLNC DEL clearance delivery
CTAF Common Traffic Advisory Frequency
CW Clockwise
DH Decision Height
DME Distance Measuring Equipment
DR Dead Reckoning
ELEV elevation
FAF Final Approach Fix
FM Fan Marker
GPI Ground Paint of Intercept(ion)
GS Glide Slped
HAA Height Above Aiport
HAL Height Above Landing
HAT Height Above Touchdown
HIRL High Intensity Runway Lights
IAF Initial Approach Fix
ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization
IM Inner Marker
Intcp Intercept
INT Intersection
LDA Localizer Type Directional Aid
Ldg Landing
LDIN Lead in Light System
LIRL Low Intensity Runway Lights
LOC Localizer
LR, Lead Radial. Provides at least 2 NM (Capter 1 NM) of lead to assist in turning onto the intermediate/final course
MALS Medium Intensity Approach Light System
MALSR Medium Intensity Approach Light Systems with RAIL
MAP Missed Approach Point
MDA Mininum Descent Altitude
MIRL Medium Intensity Runways Lights
MLS Microwave Landing Systems
MM Middle Marker
NA Not Authorized
NDB Non-directional Radio Beacon
NM Nautical Miles
NoPT No Procedure Turn Required (Procedure Turn shall not be executed without ATC clearance)
ODALS Omnidirectional Approach Light System
OM Outer Marker
R Radical
RA Radio Altimeter setting height
Radar Required Radar vectoring required for this approach
RAIL Runway Alignment Indicator Lights
REIL Runway End Identifier Lights
RNAV Area Navigation
RPI Runway Point of Intercept
RPL Runway Remaining Lights
Runway Touchdown Zone First 3000' of Runway
RVR Runway Visual Range
S Straight-in
SALS Short Approach Light System
SSALR Simplified Short Approach Light System with RAIL
SDF Simplified Directional Facility
TA Transition Altitude
TCH Threshold Crossing Height (height in feet Above Ground Level)
TDZ Touchdown Zone
TDZE Tocuhdown Zone Elevation
TDZ/CL Touchdown Zone and Runway Centerline Lighting
TLv Transition Level
VASI Visual Approach Slope Indicator
VDP Visual Descent Point
WPT Waypoint (RNAV)
X Radar Only Frequency
7 times within 5 seconds Highest intensity available
5 times within 5 seconds Medium or lower intensity (Lower REIL or REIL-off)
3 times within 5 seconds Lowest intensity available (Lower REIL or REIL-off)

Available systems will be indicated on Instrument Approach Procedure (IAP) Charts, below the Minimums Data, as follows:
ACTIVATE MIRL Rwy 36-122.8, ACTIVATE MALSR Rwy 7-122.8
ACTIVATE VASI and REIL Rwy 7-122.8, ACTIVATE HIRL Rwy 7-25-122.8

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