Flying on Instruments with Flight Simulator

by Jonathan M. Stern

Table of Contents

Title Page
Chapter 1. Flight Instruments
Chapter 2. Basic Attitude Instrument Flying
Chapter 3. Navigation Charts
Chapter 4. Instrument Departures and En Route Procedures
Chapter 5. VOR Approaches
Chapter 6. NDB Approaches
Chapter 7. ILS Approaches
Chapter 8. Variations
   A. IFR Takeoff Minimums and Departure Procedures
   B. Selected IAP Charts for Flight Simulator
      IAP Charts General Information & Abbreviations
      IAP Charts Legend
      Airport Diagrams Legend
      Instrument Approach Procedure Charts Rate Of Descent Table
   C. En Route Charts for Flight Simulator
      New York and Boston Area Chart
      Seattle Area Chart
      Los Angeles Area Chart
      Chicago Area Chart
      Enlarged Section San Francisco Area Chart
      San Francisco Area Chart

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