Jet Fighter School

Air Combat Simulator Tactics and Maneuvers
by Richard G. Sheffield


Not many of us will ever fly a jet fighter. We may well have the “right stuff,” but that doesn't mean we're going to be trusted with a multi-million-dollar piece of equipment.

Fortunately, that hasn't stopped tens of thousands of personal-computer owners from experiencing the thrill of jet flight, and the even greater challenge of jet fighter combat. Using popular jet fighter simulators—like F-15 Strike Eagle, JET, Ace, Jump Jet, Jet Combat Simulator, and other—you can take your imagination for a jet flight just a few feet off the ground, or into the highest reaches of the stratosphere.

Simply flying a jet in a simulator is one thing; flying proficiently is another; and surviving combat is…well, difficult.

That's why you'll want to rely on Jet Fighter School: Air Combat Simulator Tactics and Maneuvers. To get the most out of any jet simulator, you need one of two things: a huge number of “flying” hours, or a good instructor. Richard Sheffield, an ace jet combat simulator pilot who's logged hundreds of hours on a variety of programs, becomes your mentor and guide as he shows you how to fly—and live.

F-15 Strike Eagle, the most popular of the jet combat simulators now available, is the foundation of Jet Fighter School. Though much of the information, and all of the flying and combat techniques, can be applied to other simulators, it's with F-15 that you'll find this book especially valuable.

You'll read about the F-15 aircraft, its development, and flying and combat history. You'll discover details of its operation and armament, and how both apply to simulator flying. And you'll learn criteria for air combat effectiveness, steps in the air combat process, and rules for successful aerial warfare.

The heart of Jet Fighter School, however, is a series of jet fighter maneuvers—each described and illustrated in detail—that will make you a better jet simulator pilot, and make you a jet simulator pilot who survives.

From a simple roll to the High Yo-Yo, all the maneuvers are based on real jet fighter techniques. You can practice them, learn them, and use them to devastating results.

Can't seem to shake that persistent opponent? Use a high-G barrel roll to make him overshoot and put him in your sights. Is an enemy aircraft heading right for you? Pull back on the stick, pitch back into a loop, and then turn behind the target.

Once you know how to fly with the best of them, you can try any of the F-15 scenarios outlined in Jet Fighter School. Striking deep into enemy territory and returning home takes skill and strategy. This book shows how to accomplish both; winning methods for each scenario are included.

There's even an entire chapter of hints and tips on better simulator “play,” from accumulating more points to gliding when you're out of fuel. Some of the information was gathered from other F-15 Strike Eagle players, and from conversations with Bill Stealey, President of MicroProse Software, and Sid Meier, the author of F-15 Strike Eagle.

If you like to do more than just sightsee when you fly a simulator—if you like to climb into the jet cockpit and pit your skills against the best computer opponent, you'll find Jet Fighter School: Air Combat Simulator Tactics and Maneuvers an invaluable partner.

Hit the afterburners, climb until you're pressed against the seat, and keep your eyes open. With Jet Fighter School you'll quickly be an ace.

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