Jet Fighter School

Air Combat Simulator Tactics and Maneuvers
by Richard G. Sheffield


Table of Contents

Title Page
Author's Note
Part 1. Ground School
Chapter 1. Development of the F-15
Chapter 2. The Airplane Learn to Turn and Burn
Chapter 3. The Pilot
Chapter 4. Weapons Systems
Chapter 5. The F-15 in Action
Chapter 6. Air Combat An Overview of Tactics
Part 2. Flight School
Chapter 7. Basic Flight Maneuvers
   Aileron Roll
   The Barrel Roll
   The Loop
   The Break Turn
   Split-S or Descending Half-Loop
   Vertical Half-Loop
   The Stall Turn
   Inverted Flight Practice
   Speedbrake Extension
Chapter 8. Offensive Maneuvers
   Head-on Gun Attack
   Head-on Turning Attack
   Low Yo-Yo
   High Yo-Yo
   Straight Yo-Yo
   The Rollaway
   Barrel Roll Attack
   Zoom Maneuver from a Turn
   Dive for Separation for Missile Shot
   Pitch Back
Chapter 9. Defensive Maneuvers
   High-G Barrel Roll
   Low-Speed Disengagement
   High-Speed Disengagement
   Speedbrake Reversal
   Defensive Spiral Dive
   Jinking a Missile Coming Head-on
   Vertical Spiral
   Firing a Short-Range Missile at a Target Behind You
Chapter 10. Bombing Techniques
   Dive Bombing
   Pop-up Bombing
Chapter 11. Two Versus One
   Cautiously Aggressive
   Totally Aggressive
Chapter 12. Playing the Game Tips and Information
Chapter 13. The Missions
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