Jet Fighter School

Air Combat Simulator Tactics and Maneuvers
by Richard G. Sheffield

High Yo-Yo

Situation:You are closing rapidly on a turning target from the side. You want to:
•Avoid overshooting the target and losing your offensive position due to your greater speed.
•Obtain a better position behind the target for improved heat-seeking missile tracking.
Maneuver:•Level your wings and pull up to gain altitude (1).
•Begin turning toward the target, remaining above and behind (2).
•At this point, start an inverted roll and dive at the target (3). You have two options here. You can point your nose slightly ahead of the target and make a diving guns pass, or come around behind the target for a heat-seeking missile shot directly at the target's tailpipe (4).
•If the target reverses its turn at position 5, you should get a clean shot at its tail. If you fail to destroy the opponent, or miss, another High Yo-Yo or a Low Yo-Yo will return you to an attacking position.

While the other aircraft is breaking hard, pull up; then pull down to get behind him.


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