Jet Fighter School

Air Combat Simulator Tactics and Maneuvers
by Richard G. Sheffield

Defensive Spiral Dive

Situation:An enemy aircraft has closed to within firing distance behind you. You have at least 15,000 feet of altitude, and you want to (a) disrupt the enemy's aiming process; (b) escape, and if possible, reverse the situation.
Maneuver:• Roll to an inverted position (1).
• Pull back on the stick to start the dive (2).
• Determine the position of the attacker (3).
• Begin rolling toward the attacker. In other words, if he's to your left, push the stick to the left (4).
• As your speed builds, cut power to idle and extend your airbrake.
• If the attacker followed you down, he may overshoot at this point and allow you to take a shot.


There's a chance the attacker may overshoot if you use this spiraling maneuver.

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