Jet Fighter School

Air Combat Simulator Tactics and Maneuvers
by Richard G. Sheffield

Vertical Spiral

Situation:You're being out-turned by an enemy aircraft. Your opponent is pulling around behind you. The vertical spiral lets you take advantage of the excellent design of your aircraft—the F-15 can climb while it's in a hard turn.
Maneuver:• Pull the nose up to a 30° climb (1).
• Roll into the attack and light your afterburners. Hold this climbing turn until you've gained 5000 feet or so in altitude. Most air-to-air missiles fired at you will be from behind during this maneuver and can be defeated with a properly timed flare (2).
• Cut your afterburners. Locate the enemy and take a missile shot (3).


Climb and turn at the same time; then locate the target and fire or dive.

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