Jet Fighter School

Air Combat Simulator Tactics and Maneuvers
by Richard G. Sheffield

Head-on Turning Attack

Situation:You are approaching an opponent head-on at slow speed (400–500 knots). This speed allows maximum turning performance.
Maneuver:• Head slightly to one side of your opponent to get some lateral separation (1).
• Turn hard toward your opponent as you pass (2).
• Maintain this maximum G turn. You may need to increase power during the turn to keep your speed up to 400 knots (3).
• If you can out-turn your opponent, you should get a missile shot (4).
Note:This is not a long-term maneuver. If you don't gain an advantage fairly quickly, be ready to disengage or attempt another maneuver, such as a low Yo-Yo.


Your turning performance must be better than your opponents for this manuever to work.

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