Jet Fighter School II

More Training for Computer Fighter Pilots
by Richard G. Sheffield


Nothing can be more thrilling than aerobatic flying performed by a seasoned professional, unless it's flight in combat. You'll find both in generous supply in Jet Fighter School II: More Training for Computer Fighter Pilots.

Learn Aresti, the language of aerobatic flying, and develop creative aerobatic routines of your own, composed of the many maneuvers detailed in this book. Or take advantage of the new and exciting missions developed by the author for F-15 Strike Eagle. It's all here.

Learn barrel rolls, figure eights, Immelmanns, and chandelles: maneuvers difficult and beautiful in their own right (they've been drawing crowds to air shows for decades), but also useful in combat. Learn to fly simple maneuvers, combine them into complex routines, and finally, learn to combine your flying with another plane to produce such eye-catching formations as the head-on and tandem passes, and the famous bomb burst.

Whether you're strafing surface-to-air missile sites in Iran or bombing Tripoli in retaliation for the latest horrendous terrorist attack, you'll earn your wings every time you take to the sky. Learn the most strategic payload to carry, and how to make the best use of your payload. Learn defensive measures that can enable you to outfly a heat-seeking missile in close quarters.

Experienced simulator pilot and noted author Richard Sheffield fills you in on the strategies that will keep you flying even in the face of superior forces. He's done the homework to provide you with the adventures of a lifetime.

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