Jet Fighter School II

More Training for Computer Fighter Pilots
by Richard G. Sheffield


Table of Contents

Title Page

Part 1. Introduction to Aerobatics
Chapter 1. The History of Aerobatics
Chapter 2. Basic Maneuvers
   Aileron Roll
   Barrel Roll
   Stall Turn
   Lazy Eight
Chapter 3. Advanced Aerobatics
   Cuban Eight
   Reverse Cuban Eight
   Outside Loop
   Horizontal Eight
   Vertical Eight
   Four-Point Hesitation Roll
   Vertical Roll
   Inverted Flight and the High-Speed Low-Altitude Pass
   Square Loop
   Square Loop with a Roll
   Outside Turn
   Tuck Under Roll Turn
   Chinese Loop
   Knife-Edge Pass
   Totem Pole
   Climbing S
   Vertical Eight with a Middle Entry
Chapter 4. Sequence Flying
Chapter 5. Two-Plane Aerobatics and Maneuvers
   Head-On Pass
   Head-On Pass: Bottom to Bottom
   Head-On Pass: Bottom to Bottom, Knife Edge
   Head-On Loop
   Head-On 360s
   Bomb Burst
   Descending Bomb Burst
   High-Speed Versus Low-Speed Pass
   Tandem Pass: Bottom to Bottom
   Tandem Pass
   Tandem Pass: Four-Point Roll
   Side-By-Side Loops
   Crossing Break
   Tandem Aileron Roll: One Plane Inverted

Part 2. More Things to Do with F-15 Strike Eagle
Chapter 6. Red Flag Training for F-15 Strike Eagle
Chapter 7. More Missions for F-15 Strike Eagle

Part 3. Tips and Hints for Jet Fighter Games
Chapter 8. Tips and Hints for Playing Stealth Mission by SubLOGIC
Chapter 9. Tips and Hints for Playing Stealth Fighter by MicroProse
Chapter 10. Tips and Hints for Playing Jet by SubLOGIC
Chapter 11. Tips and Hints for Playing Ace ll by UXB
Chapter 12. Tips and Hints for Playing Jet Combat Simulator by Epyx
Chapter 13. Tips and Hints for Playing Chuck Yeager's Advanced Flight Trainer


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