Learning to Fly with Flight Simulator

by John Rafferty


I am grateful to a number of individuals who played a role in making this book a reality.

Norm Olsen, Vice President at SubLOGIC Corporation, provided helpful information and encouragement at an early stage of the project. Lee Yungfleisch, of the FAA District Office in Phoenix, furnished many of the NOAA aeronautical charts that were used in preparing the book. Sandi and Keith Jerome, of Computer West in Phoenix, gave me initial encouragement and provided technical assistance along the way, and my friend Kevin Miller read and commented strategically on an initial draft. Robert Irving pointed out a number of technical errors in the manuscript, and made a number of helpful suggestions.

I am also grateful to my son, Johnny. We have three computers in the house, but when I first began this book Flight Simulator software was available only for his, and he was unfailingly generous in making it available to me for the many hours of flying time the book required.

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