Learning to Fly with Flight Simulator

by John Rafferty

Table of Contents

Title Page

Chapter 1. Basic Flight Training
   Flight 1. Departure, En Route, and Arrival Procedures
      Phase 1: Airplane Familiarization
      Phase 2: Runway Logic and Taxiing
      Phase 3: Takeoff and Climb
      Phase 4: Cruising En Route
      Phase 5: Setting Up for an Approach
      Phase 6: Approach and Landing
   Flight 2. Solo Training Assignment
   Flight 3. Solo Training Assignment (II)

Chapter 2. Building Your Aviation Skills
   Flight 4. Standard Rate Turns
   Flight 5. Airport Traffic Patterns
   Flight 6. Introduction to Radio Navigation
   Flight 7. Short-Field Takeoff and VOR Interpretation
   Flight 8. Stalls and Engine Failures
   Flight 9. Using a Flight Plan
   Flight 10. Flight-Planning Assignment
   Flight 11. Short-Field Landings
   Flight 12. Using VOR Checkpoints En Route

Chapter 3. Developing Precision
   Flight 13. Precision Landings
   Flight 14. Using Multiple-VOR Checkpoints
   Flight 15. Flying the Victor Airways
   Flight 16. Automatic Direction Finding

Chapter 4. IFR: Going the Professional Way
   Flight 17. Shooting the ILS
   Flight 18. An ILS with a Procedure Turn
   Flight 19. VOR Approach (I)
   Flight 20. VOR Approach (II)
   Flight 21. VOR/DME Approach
   Flight 22. VOR Approach with a DME Arc
   Flight 23. NDB Approach
   Flight 24. NDB Approach with a Procedure Turn
   Flight 25. The Localizer Back Course
   Flight 26. IFR in Wind and Weather

Chapter 5. Airport Approaches

   A. Reality Mode
   B. Quick Reference to Principal Controls
   C. Mouse and Menus on 68000 Versions
   D. Suggested Reading

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