A Flight Simulator Odyssey

by Charles Gulick

Full of Hot Air

Chart: Detroit
En Route Coordinates:
   Aircraft: N16652, E17685
   Tower: N16601.401, E17523.795
   Aircraft: 1750
   Tower: 923
Heading: 260
Time: Daylight (Dawn/Dusk too)

In western Ohio (and proceeding by dead reckoning to Portland Municipal, Portland, Indiana), what do you see but that crazy thing drifting along the shoreline of Grand Lake. At first it looks like the people in the gondola are waving at you--sort of a friendly greeting between fellow airpersons. But as you come closer, you realize they're waving you off. They think you're too close for comfort.


Watch out for the balloon

However, you can't resist the closest possible examination, can you?

As you pass by, take all your left-side views and then a rear view. Then get on a compass heading of 265 degrees. That'll take you directly to Portland Municipal for a landing on Runway 27, elevation 925 feet. There's nothing below all the way, except farmland producing corn, oats, wheat, and soybeans. But you haven't far to fly.

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