A Flight Simulator Odyssey

by Charles Gulick


Table of Contents

Title Page

Chapter 1: The Flight Plan
En Route Starter

Chapter 2: Main Program Highlights
Statue of Liberty
World Trade Center Towers
New York's Finest
What's Left?
Manhattan Bridge Caper 1
Manhattan Bridge Caper 2
Stupendous Colossa
A Fair Approach
Narrows Escape
A Gander at Hughes

Chapter 3: San Francisco Bay Area
Something Fishy
Fisherman's Luck
Wharf Turnabout
Swingin' On the Gate
Doll of a Valley
What's Buzzin'?
Long Way Across
Building Contract
Like a Pro to SFO
Hangin' Around

Chapter 4: Scenery Disk 7
Washington Crossing
Do Not Pass Go
Delaware Cruise
A Rightful Base
Washington Courier
Pentagonal Ploy
Monumental Task
A Dawn Final to DCA
Little Big Shot
An Artful Departure
The Rappahannock River
Shifting Sands
The Lost Colony
Cape Hatteras
Tobacco Road
Doin' the Charleston
Blinking Beautifu
Jacksonville Executive
Downwind for Same
Other Way to Go
Gentlemen, Start ...
Come On Down
Launch Complex
Play Nine Pins
Top Secret Base
Big Town
Bridges Very Far
Keep Left
Gone Fishin'
Line Is Busy
The Road to Freeport
The Isle of Nowhere
Flamingo Fling
Land of Legends
Miami Dodgem
Marathon Run

Chapter 5: Scenery Disk 11
Tiger Field
The Crossbridge Caper
The Great Glider Chases
The Road to Pembroke
Maid of the Mist
Goat Island Final
Over The Mist
Allegheny Special
A Stop on the Underground Railroad
Full of Hot Air
The Center of the World
Say It Isn't Soo
End of a Story
Lake Nipissing Getaway
Lake Nipissing, Runway
Forty Two Ax Handles, Plus
Steel Yourself
The CN Tower, Toronto
On the Path of the Bald Eagle
Downwind Mountain

Chapter 6: Scenery Disk 14, Western Europe
Land's End Final
It Really Wales
Avon Calling
The Chalk Giants
   White Horse of Uffington
   The Whipsnade Lion
   The White Horse of Westbury
   The Long Man of Wilmington
Take Off for London
Ringing Big Ben
St. Paul's Cathedral?
The Tower of London
Regent's Park Final
To the North Sea
Chalk Up One
To the Isle of Wight
Stonehenge: Just Passing Through
Operation Dynamo
The Port of Le Havre
Operation Overlord
Le Mans Entrant
Lone Eagle
The Arc de Triomphe
Montmartre Hill
Sights on the Seine
Beer Hall Putsch
The Frauenkirche
Islands of the Isar
Museum Piece
Olympic Event
Nuremberg Try
The Main Frankfurter
Night in the Mountains
Across the Rhine
Lake of Constance
Schmed Square
Only Way Out
Far Away Places
   The Big Picture
   Reykjavik, Iceland
   Strait to Tangier
   Greek to Us
   Adriatic Vistas

Basic Flying Guide
Index to Flights

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