A Flight Simulator Odyssey

by Charles Gulick

Chapter 6 - Western Europe

Land's End Final

Chart: Southern UK
En Route Coordinates:
   Aircraft: N18327, E12135
   Tower: N18314.000, E12167.000
   Aircraft: 1500
   Tower: 282
Heading: 112
Time: Dawn (06:15)
Note: For maximum enjoyment of this scenario, be sure time is set to dawn as shown above before you et the N, E, and heading coordinates. If you see precisely where you're going the effect will be spoiled.

Lighthouse Ho!

And, dark as it is, Land Ho!

You've actually made it across the Atlantic Ocean to Great Britain. But only barely. You're very low on fuel, and could never make it to Exeter, the nearest airport. You can't even raise the Berry Head OMNI station. No choice but to land straight ahead on that black geography, and hope it isn't full of rocks and ruts, or worse yet, trees. No way to guess field elevation, either. All you can do is keep your eyes peeled and proceed with a final at your lowest possible speed, hoping for the best. Do not deviate from your 112-degree heading.

Fittingly, the little point where you set her down is called Land's End. It's at the westernmost tip of England. And when you're on the ground, advance your clock an hour so the sun rises.

Aha! It's a pretty place indeed. You might even want to make this a landing field of your own. And that's easily done. The tower parameters given at the head of the chapter place you (whatever version you have) picturesquely on your Land's End Airport, ready for takeoff.

Welcome to England!

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