A Flight Simulator Odyssey

by Charles Gulick

Museum Piece 23

Chart: Southern West Germany
Ground Coordinates:
   Aircraft: N17012, E16843
   Tower: N17011.140, E16842.109
   Aircraft: 0
   Tower: 1816
Heading: 232
Time: Daylight

Many times in Odyssey I've tried to position the aircraft in really dramatic places, but have usually been frustrated by the inability of some versions to set fractional parameters. And it didn't seem fair to give some pilots exciting things to do in exciting places, if all pilots couldn't share in the fun.

But here's a scenario that everyone can enjoy. In fact, I'll be so bold as to say I think this is the best "improvised" simulator flying field I've come up with yet.

You are on a narrow strip of grass alongside the Deutsches Museum. (If you have tower capability, don't fail to take the observer view of your position and location. The watcher is up at the other end of the strip, just at the corner of the building; and while I'm bragging, I might as well say this is the best observer view I've ever come up with, too.)

You'll have trouble trying to make a normal takeoff here. Although the grass extends beyond the museum wall, this is an island, and on a normal takeoff run you'll charge into the Isar River before you get to flying speed.

What's called for is your best short-field takeoff. That's tantamount to saying you should take off trimmed as you would be for slowflight--or slower. I recommend you hold the brakes on while you advance your throttle to the wall, then release them when you have full rpm. Use flaps or not, de-pending on your favorite short-takeoff technique. Given the preceding cautions, you can take off from Museum Field handily. If you don't make it the first time, resurrect yourself and try again with a different configuration.

(If tower-view capable, let the observer watch your takeoff. You'll see you don't scrape the museum wall, though it does look awfully close--and is.)

Once you've got the takeoff mastered, don't miss the next scenario.

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