A Flight Simulator Odyssey

by Charles Gulick

Only Way Out

Chart: None
Ground Coordinates:
   Aircraft: N21435, E22800
   Tower: Same as previous
   Aircraft: 0
   Tower: Same as previous
Heading: 268
Time: Daylight

Well, the Muscovites were certainly nice to you. No harangue. No arrest. No threats. All smiles, followed by a tour of Moscow--and even a dinner complete with vodka and caviar.

But now it's the next day, and how do you get your air plane out of here?

You're looking at the answer, straight ahead. You go out the same way you came in, but in the opposite direction. If you can just make it over the wall--if you can just--then you'll be able to see the Kremlin from the air, plus Red Square (wonder who won the contest), and all that good stuff. Anyway, you really haven't a choice. This is the only way to go.

I'll just sit back and enjoy your takeoff. I have no advice to give you, and no cautions to expound. We've flown so long together now, I have absolute confidence in you. (And I won't spoil that generous compliment by mentioning that this air-plane is equipped, fortuitously, with dual controls.)

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