A Flight Simulator Odyssey

by Charles Gulick

The Chalk Giants

4. The Long Man of Wilmington
Chart: Southern UK
En Route Coordinates:
   Aircraft: N18370, E13788
   Tower: --
   Aircraft: 848
   Tower: --
Heading: 180
Time: Daylight


What is this, you ask?

This is to me, at least philosophically, the most intriguing of the four figures in the simulation. The Long Man of Wilmington--Wilmington being a village east of Brighton and just north of Eastbourne on the northern coast of the English Channel--seems to be trapped in a small enclosure. Or perhaps he is simply standing in an open doorway. But to my mind the position of his arms and hands is more suggestive of entrapment. Curious.

When you've viewed him, fly ahead to the Channel and est along the coastline to Shoreham Airport, west of Brigh

When you spot the airport, keep it to your left as you t on a heading of about 300 degrees--on a left base for a ding on Runway 21. Elevation is 7 feet.

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