Realistic Commercial Flying with Flight Simulator

by John Rafferty


This book was written for a special kind of reader—the Flight Simulator pilot who wants to experience the true flavor of commercial flying. It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or a seasoned Simulator pro; if what you want is realistic simulator flying, this book is for you.

Each flight here originates in an authentic aviation setting at an actual airport and has a meaningful commercial purpose, so you have the opportunity to test your skills and knowledge in a variety of challenging, true-to-life assignments—commuter airline pilot, high-time air-taxi operator, part-time ferry-service pilot, night mail contractor, stunt pilot, and others.

As you plan each flight on the basis of an actual weather briefing, you also have to confront the dynamic wind and weather conditions that unfold along the way.

You're responsible for conducting each flight the way an actual commercial pilot would—on the basis of a flight plan and an official IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) clearance from Air Traffic Control. And all en-route instructions come to you as they would on an actual commercial flight—in the form of crisp, authentic communications from the various ground, tower, and en-route controllers who monitor and direct the flights.

Realistic assignments in realistic situations—you're about to discover how the real commercial aviators fly.

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