Realistic Commercial Flying with Flight Simulator

by John Rafferty


Table of Contents

Title Page

Part I: The Bridgeport Check-Ride Program
1. Local VFR Check Ride
2. VFR Cross-Country Check Ride
3. IFR Check Ride to Martha's Vineyard
4. IFR Check Ride to Hartford
5. IFR Check Ride to Bridgeport

Part II: Commercial Assignments
6. Air-Taxi Service: Brackett Field to Los Angeles
7. Air-Taxi Deadhead: Los Angeles to Brackett Field
8. Earlybird Commuter: Greater Kankakee to Chicago-Meigs
9. Midmorning Commuter: Chicago to Kankakee
10. Aircraft Ferry Service: Monroe/Flying F Ranch to Spanaway
11. Air-Taxi Service: Danielson to Boston-Logan
12. Air-Taxi Deadhead: Boston-Logan to Danielson
14. Air Express Service: San Diego to Van Nuys
15. Air Express Deadhead: Van Nuys to San Diego
16. Air-Taxi Service: Chicago-Du Page to Danville
17. Air-Taxi Continuation: Danville to Chicago
18. Southbound Commuter: Everett to Seattle
19. Southbound Commuter: Seattle to Olympia
20. Northbound Commuter: Olympia to Seattle
21. Northbound Commuter: Seattle to Everett
22. Air Express Service: Chester to La Guardia
23. Air Express Return: La Guardia to Chester
24. Acrobatic Demo at Santa Ana
25. Night Mail to Kennedy: Windsor Locks to New York
26. Night Mail Return: New York to Windsor Locks
27. Aircraft Ferry Service: Spanaway to Port Angeles
28. Air Express Round Robin Out of Van Nuys
29. Champaign Air Taxi to Danville
30. Champaign Air Taxi to Gibson City
31. Champaign Air Taxi: Gibson City, Bloomington, and Home

Victor Airways Charts
   Chicago Area
   Los Angeles Area
   New York and Boston Area
   Seattle Area
Blank Flight Log Form
Blank Pilot's Log Form


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