Realistic Commercial Flying with Flight Simulator

by John Rafferty

Chapter 23
Air Express Return: La Guardia to Chester

After supervising the unloading of your cargo, you take a break and are now ready for the return to Chester. You should be on the ground again just before dark.


The excellent VFR conditions still prevail, and the wind is still from the northwest. Since ATC seems to like the more southerly route between Madison and La Guardia today, you select that route—Victor 229—for your return flight plan. Three thousand feet still seems fine.

Program Setup Values
Time1710 hours (5:10 p.m.)
WindSurface to 1000 feet:
330 degrees at 10 knots
Level 1: 1000–5000 feet:
360 degrees at 20 knots


Figure 23-1. Flight Log to Chester


Figure 23-2, Flight Plan to Chester


At the La Guardia Marine Terminal, Ready to Copy

Cessna Three Zero Four Six Foxtrot
Cleared to the Chester Airport
Victor four seventy-five to Madison
Maintain three thousand
Squawk three one three zero.

You confirm, revise your log, and indicate ready to taxi.

Four Six Foxtrot cleared to taxi for Runway 31
From where you are turn left and taxi toward Runway 22
Then turn right onto that runway.

When Taxiing on Runway 22

Four Six Foxtrot
Turn left before reaching the Runway 31 intersection
And taxi parallel to the active.

Approaching the Threshold of Runway 31

Four Six Foxtrot hold short of the runway
Contact Tower on one eighteen point seven so long.


Four Six Foxtrot La Guardia Tower
You're cleared for departure
Runway 31
Altimeter two niner point niner zero
Wind three three zero degrees at ten
Visibility fifteen
Temperature 39.

At 500 Feet

Four Six Foxtrot turn right
Heading zero two zero degrees
Climb and maintain two thousand.

On Heading 020 Degrees

Four Six Foxtrot contact New York Approach
On one two zero point eight bye now.


Four Six Foxtrot New York Approach
Turn right heading zero six zero degrees
Climb and maintain three thousand.

On Heading 060 Degrees

Four Six Foxtrot turn right
Heading zero eight zero degrees
Vector to the Airway
Resume normal navigation.

15 Miles DME Before Madison

Four Six Foxtrot descend and maintain two thousand
Expect the VOR-A approach to Chester.

Program Setup Entry
CloudsLevel 1: 1600-1800 feet


Figure 23-3. Approach Plate, Chester VOR-A

5 Miles DME Before Madison

Four Six Foxtrot New York Approach
You're cleared for the VOR-A approach to Chester
The Windsor Locks altimeter is two niner point niner five.

When Airport Is in Sight

New York Approach, Four Six Foxtrot has the airport, and we'll cancel IFR at this time thank you.

Four Six Foxtrot that's cancel IFR
Have a nice evening.

Entering the Pattern for Runway 35

On Com frequency 122.8:

Chester Unicom, Cessna Three Zero Four Six Foxtrot entering downwind for Runway 35.

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