Runway USA

A pilot's guide to destination cities in Flight Simulator
by Charles Gulick

Commodore 64 Aircraft Controls


For additional controls, press CTRL and one more keys:
Keys Result
CTRL-B Adjusts the altimeter
CTRL-D Adjusts the heading indicator
CTRL-E Logs in the Scenery Disk
CTRL-L Toggles the lights on or off
CTRL-S Saves the current flight parameters to mode library
CTRL-X Recalls mode library from disk
CTRL-Z Saves mode library to disk
Note: CTRL-X and CTRL-Z work only while you are in the Editor

View Selector Controls for the Commodore 64


For radio controls, press CTRL and one or more keys:
COM radio CTRL-C, >>> Increase high digits (<<< for decrease)
CTRL-C, CRTL-C, >>> Increase low digits
NAV radio CTRL-N, 1 Select NAV1 for frequency changes
CTRL-N, 2 Select NAV2
CTRL-N, >>> Increase high digits on selected NAV radio (<<< for decrease)
CTRL-N, CTRL-N, >>> Increase low digits
ADF CTRL-A, >>> Rapidly press one, two, or three times to select digits 1, 2, or 3
CTRL-V, 2 Select VOR OBS2
CTRL-V, >>> Increase bearing (<<< for decrease)
Transponder CTRL-T Rapidly press one, two, three, or four times to select digits 1, 2, 3, or 4
CTRL-T >>> Increase digit (<<< for decrease)
Note: CTRL-X is treated as CTRL-T

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