Runway USA

A pilot's guide to destination cities in Flight Simulator
by Charles Gulick


Table of Contents

Title Page
Foreword by Bruce Artwick
Tale of Two Cities
How's Bayou?
Track of the Cavemen
Instrumental Interlude
On the Misleading Edge
Out of the Dark
The Right Stuff
A Water Idyll
A Bridge Very Far
Dust Devils
High Drama
Study in Brown
The Farside Gambit
Halfway to the Stars
Can't Get There From Here
The Devil You Say
East Side Story
On the Glide Path
Out of the Night
Snow Job
The Lowdown
The Griddle Riddle
Time and the River
Pocketful of Stunts
One Small Step
Climb Every Mountain
Detour Ahead
Opportunity Knocks
The Big Muddy
Husking Corn
Enigma at Dusk
That Was Too Easy
Git Along
In a Spin
Truman Country
Sunday Flyer
Appendix A: Flight Instruction Summary
Appendix B
   Aircraft Controls for the Apple II
   Aircraft Controls for the Atari
   Aircraft Controls for the Commodore 64
   Aircraft Controls for the IBM PC
   Aircraft Controls for the IBM PCjr
Back Matter

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