Runway USA

A pilot's guide to destination cities in Flight Simulator
by Charles Gulick

That Was Too Easy


That last riddle was just for openers. Here's one that will make you work a bit.

You're somewhere in the United States, at a very early hour. You are to depart the obvious runway and fly to one of two airports that lie about 60 miles from your present location; there you will land on the even more obvious runway. Cruise at a regulation altitude of 8500 feet, where the appropriate one of two destination airports in question will be revealed—given, of course, that you find out where you are now.

You will be in virtual darkness, and thus will be on instruments most of the way. A lone road—a provincial highway—will be your most useful navigational aid.

Those are all the clues (the most revealing of which may be the sixth word from the end of the last sentence in the second paragraph of this chapter).

It's only fair to tell you that, through no fault of your own, you may never reach your destination; but by the time you know that you've failed, you'll know that you had all the right answers anyhow.

Good luck!

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