Runway USA

A pilot's guide to destination cities in Flight Simulator
by Charles Gulick


Let's go flying again—this time across the mighty skies and multi-colored earth of the entire western United States. All you need is your computer, your Microsoft Flight Simulator or SubLOGIC FSII, the western set of SubLOGIC Scenery Disks, and, for a group of very special chapters, the SubLOGIC San Francisco STAR Scenery Disk—plus, of course, this book.

Unlike the first book in this series, Flight Simulator Co-Pilot, Runway USA's instruction content is minimal (although you will learn some neat new stunts, such as loops, Immelmans, and spins). We're out to have some fun, and we'll concentrate on enjoying the scenery—western America's lakes, rivers, giant reservoirs, roads, hills, and cities. Alone in our airplanes, we'll discover the mystery of night and early dawn aloft, and view the vast landscapes of prairie and desert (you'll even learn how to make New Mexico look like desert).

And—would you believe it? —we'll make a flight over a quiet earth blanketed in snow.

So make yourself a thermos of coffee…pack a few sandwiches in your flight bag…and grab your sectional charts. We're Westward, Ho!

Charles Gulick
Lake Park, Florida
January 1987

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