Airienteering with 13MIKE

by Fred J. Calfior and Douglas W. Miller

AirLeg 31

“The Messerschmidt 163 Komet was one of Germany's so called wonder weapons unveiled during the final year of the war. Its one serious flaw was that its fuel, a mixture of methyl alcohol and concentrated hydrogen peroxide, was susceptible to explode and did many times while still on the runway! It consisted of a 3750 pound thrust rocket motor that blasted it through the sky at nearly 600 miles per hour! When an Allied bomber crew was discovered flying overhead, the Komet would go into action! It exhausted its 437 gallon fuel supply within four to seven minutes after takeoff, which gave it a radius of action of 25 miles. Climbing straight up at 11,810 feet a minute, it would rise above Allied bomber formations, nose over and dive to the attack with its twin 30-mm cannons. As soon as the rocket motor quit, the pilot broke off and glided back to base!”

1) Climb to “4000” feet

2) Intercept and track outbound on the JFK VOR “062” radial

3) Arriving VFR traffic should contact New York Departure Control within 20 nautical miles of the Long Island Class C airspace on what UHF frequency? Keep the middle two numbers, and go to that AirLeg.

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