40 Great Flight Simulator Adventures

by Charles Gulick

Meigs Field

High Jinks

North Position: 17060 Throttle: 21495 (all except IBM)
East Position: 16584 Rudder: 32767
Altitude: 6000 Ailerons: 32767
Pitch: 0 Flaps: 0
Bank: 0 Elevators: 32767 (IBM only)
Heading: 43 Elevators: 37887 (all except IBM)
Airspeed: 127 (IBM only) Time: 10:00
Airspeed: 117 (all except IBM) Season: 3-Summer
Throttle: 25591 (IBM only) Wind: 6 Kts, 000

Pointed toward Lake Michigan, in the general direction of Meigs, this is your practice mode for stalls and stunts. You're straight and level at a (relatively) safe altitude.
    You can try anything you want; then simply press the reset simulator key (Recall on the IBM) and try it again. And again. The mode will always get you back up to altitude (and out of any trouble you might get into).


First, read, then try this stall: Cut your power completely. Then increase up elevator gradually, trying to achieve and maintain a slightly nosehigh attitude. This will require more and more elevator. Eventually, your angle of attack will become too great (you'll hear the stall warning a few seconds before this happens), and the nose will drop rather abruptly below the horizon.
    You've stalled.
    Recover from the stall using down elevator until the elevator indicator is at its normal cruise position, thus reducing your angle of attack. (This is comparable to, in an actual aircraft, eliminating back pressure so that the yoke returns to its normal position.)
    After you've normalized the elevator, add full power until you have the usual horizon again. Then reduce power until the throttle indicator is at your normal cruise setting; reestablish straight and level flight. The less altitude lost during the stall, the better you performed the recovery.
    The preceding is called a normal power-off stall.

First, read, then try this loop: Give full down elevator until you pin the airspeed indicator at maximum. Smoothly (and not too quickly) add up elevator to the three-quarters-up position. When there is only the sky in view, apply full throttle and take a left or right side view. You'll see yourself flying toward the top of the loop, about to become inverted. Just before you're completely upside down (wings level with horizon), take a front view and see the earth upside down. When you see only ground, cut throttle completely. Then, when you see the horizon, add throttle and adjust elevator to resume normal flight.

Quick summary (Loop from normal cruise):
Full down elevator: Maximum speed
Smoothly: Three-quarters-up elevator
Sky only: Full throttle, side view
Almost inverted: Front view
Downside (earth only): Chop throttle
See horizon: Add throttle, adjust elevator

    With some practice, you'll surely catch on. Then try mixing up the views.
    Fun, hmmm?

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