40 More Great Flight Simulator Adventures

by Charles Gulick

Fallbrook Community Airpark

Fallout at

North Position: 15023 Rudder: 32767
East Position: 6144 Ailerons: 32767
Altitude: 761 Flaps: 0
Pitch: 8 Elevators: 37375
Bank: 0 Time: 15:30
Heading: 0 Season: 2-Spring
Airspeed: 65 Wind: 4 Kts, 0
Throttle: 0

On takeoff from Fallbrook Community Airpark, Fallbrook, California, your engine quits just as you retract your flaps. There is only one thing you can do to avoid nosing into the runway: Try to make a normal landing straight ahead.

    You can land safely in both the Cessna and the Piper. But in this particular simulation, a very different technique works best for each.

    Now, when you go back to have a word with the mechanic, please be pleasant.

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