40 More Great Flight Simulator Adventures

by Charles Gulick

Table of Contents

Title Page
Foreword by Bruce Artwick
General Instructions
The Adventures
Something of a Departure (Spanaway I)
Upstairs Downstairs (Spanaway II)
The Leading Ledge (Piper Only)
The Relic (Cessna Only)
Down with Rectitude (Spanaway III)
Cutting Patterns (Spanaway IV)
Finally (Spanaway V)
Wrapping the Box (Spanaway VI)
The Arrow
Time Warps
Hangin' Out
Island Getaway (Tie-Down I)
Corner on JFK (Tie-Down II)
Gather by the River (Tie-Down III)
Fallout at Fallbrook
Ferry from Nantucket
The High and Mighty
Sentimental Journey
Lights Out
Sunday Driver
Splendor in the Grass (The Manhattan Project I)
Reverse English (The Manhattan Project II)
Headin' Uptown (The Manhattan Project III)
The Easement (The Manhattan Project IV)
An Attraction of Opposites (The Manhattan Project V)
Landing Lights (The Manhattan Project VI)
The Auburn Abstraction
Which Way Is Up?
A Fine Fleecing
Avionics Package
In Search of the Floating Bridges
Dawn Patrol
Red Quiver Valley
Admire the Scenery
Appendix: Piper Area Charts
New York and Boston Area
Seattle Area
Los Angeles Area
Chicago Area
Latitude/Longitude Coordinate Conversion Addendum for conversion to MSFS and other modern flight sims

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