40 More Great Flight Simulator Adventures

by Charles Gulick

The Relic

The Relic
Cessna Only

North Position: 21070 Rudder: 32767
East Position: 6511 Ailerons: 32767
Altitude: 3900 Flaps: 0
Pitch: 0 Elevators: 32767
Bank: 0 Time: 21:00
Heading: 49 Season: 3-Summer
Airspeed: 120 Wind: 5 Kts, 230
Throttle: 22527

You can fly this hands off if you like.

    What's ahead is a rather antique curio. It's what's left of the framework of a house that blew down in a tornado in the 1930s. Kind of bleak on the landscape at dusk, hmmm?

    Or maybe it was a tornado in the 1920s. Or a hurricane. Or maybe a fire.

    Seems like it's so close, yet we fly quite awhile and don't seem to come up on it very fast.

    Might be fun to fly right through the frame. Looks like we have plenty of room. Looks like we can fly right through it and into the horizon.

    Carumba! What a big house it must have been. And almost flattened. Some kind of wind that must have been.

    Everything seems fine for a fly-through. Looks like we'll pass right through the main structure, underneath the attic floor and just below the peak. Kind of weird. Like making some kind of ghostly pass through a skeleton.

    Roof reaches way up into the sky.

    Well, nothing in our way. If we had a skyhook, we could probably swing from that rafter that crosses below the peak.

    Such a slender structure to stand all these years. Looks like a breeze could blow it over.

    And when the last beam of the roof slips away from view, there's just the horizon and the dark earth below.

    But think of it. We didn't fly through this relic in some strange state of slow motion. We went through it at a hundred miles an hour or more. Couple of miles a minute. And look at our altitude. How wide must such a house have been? How high?

    What kind of creature leaves a skeleton like that?

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