Jet Fighter School II

More Training for Computer Fighter Pilots
by Richard G. Sheffield

Part 3 - Tips and Hints for Jet Fighter Games

I make a hobby out of buying, collecting, and playing new games, especially games involving jet fighters. As such, I am well aware of the frustration accompanying the first couple of game sessions with a new simulation. You have to learn a whole new set of controls and procedures and how the pro-gram reacts to your inputs, much the same as a pilot would do when getting checked out in a new aircraft. But the frustrating part usually comes when you go out to face the enemy. Each programmer creates intelligence for the enemy differently. Tactics that work in some games won't work in others and you're often left staring at the screen wondering what happened as the computer makes a smart remark about notifying next of kin.

In this section you'll find some insight into how the games are set up in terms of what works and what doesn't, and how what you do or don't do affects your score.

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