A Flight Simulator Odyssey

by Charles Gulick

Lake Nipissing, Runway 29

Chart: Lake Huron
Ground Coordinates:
   Aircraft: N19285, E19008
   Tower: Same as previous
   Aircraft: 0
   Tower: Same as previous
Heading: 295
Time: Daylight

Anytime you're uptight, you just come here to your Lake Nipissing getaway spot and sit and contemplate the scenery. You have good views of the water out front and side, and even a transmitter tower way out there on the horizon to keep you company. Then when you feel like flying, you just fire her up, take off, and survey the scenic lakes in this area of Ontario (there are many of them to your right), as well as the shoreline of Nipissing itself. When you're ready, come back here and land, or follow the highway east to North Bay Air-port.

Try approaches to your field from both directions. Landing to the east, you can think of the strip as Runway 11, bearing about 115 degrees. For a quick familiarization glimpse of that approach, put the aircraft at N19290, E18893, altitude 2000, and heading 115.

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