A Flight Simulator Odyssey

by Charles Gulick

Lake Nipissing Getaway

Chart: Lake Huron
Ground Coordinates:
   Aircraft: N19295, E19090
   Tower: N19284.744, E19008.990
   Aircraft: 0
   Tower: 1218
Heading: 291
Time: Daylight

How would you like your own vacation place on a quiet lake, surrounded by woods, far from the hubbub and harassments of daily life, with your own landing strip, and yet so close to a local airport that you could fly to this place for a picnic lunch? Hmmm?

Well, I have just the spot. I've even packed the lunch (tunafish sandwiches, what else?) Follow me.

We take off from Runway 31 at North Bay Airport, North Bay, Ontario. As soon as you've climbed to about 1500 feet, turn left to a heading of 200 degrees. There will be a highway junction ahead of you, where Highway 11 going south meets 17 which tracks the north shore of Lake Nipissing.

Climb on up to 2000 feet.

When you reach the lakeshore, follow it westward on a heading of about 295 degrees, keeping the highway well to your right. You'll see a little notch of lake not far ahead (Believe it or not we're almost there already!).

Just beyond where the highway crosses the water, there's a little triangular island in the lake. The highway crosses its northern end. Your place is at the southern end, and your landing strip is along the very edge of the water. You probably won't see it clearly until you're over the notch of water, and the geography settles down.

The lake defines the threshold and the left side of your landing strip, and you visualize the right side.

Set her down gently on a heading of about 295. Field elevation is 1220 feet.

If you don't have a good lake view after you come to a stop, taxi to one. Or set up the next scenario. Either way, we won't have the picnic until we have a nice view to go with it.

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