A Flight Simulator Odyssey

by Charles Gulick

Chalk Up One

Chart: Southern UK
En Route Coordinates:
   Aircraft: N18464, E14150
   Tower: N18404.054, E13993.838
   Aircraft: 1200
   Tower: 7
Heading: 255
Time: Daylight

You've just entered the Strait of Dover, with the North Sea behind you and the English Channel ahead. Off to your left you can actually see the coastline of France, in the area of Calais. And just ahead of you on the right is the coast of En-gland, in particular, that section of coast where the famous White Cliffs of Dover are located.

Will we see any white cliffs? I don't know, but I'm deter-mined to find out. (The cliffs are white, by the way, because actually they are chalk, and thus are more properly called Chalk Cliffs.)

We haven't far to fly, because if the chalk cliffs are simulated we should come up on them any moment, so keep an eye peeled to the right front and side.

But also, keep a watch ahead because Lydd Airport will show up on that knob of land that reaches out into the Channel. By the time you see Lydd, you'll also have seen--or noted the conspicuous absence of--the Chalk Cliffs of Dover.

Yell if you see them, but don't get so excited you mess up your landing on Lydd's Runway 22, elevation 10 feet.

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