A Flight Simulator Odyssey

by Charles Gulick

To The Isle of Wight

Chart: Southern UK
Ground Coordinates:
   Aircraft: NI8423, E13261
   Tower: N18356.729, E13443.663 (at destination)
   Aircraft: 0
   Tower: 60
Heading: 038
Time: Dusk (19:00)

Your airplane is parked rear of the taxiway at the south end of Hurn Airport, in Bournemouth on the English Channel. Bournemouth is the south coast's leading beach resort.

Take a look at your chart. This evening we'll fly south to the Channel and then east along the coast. We'll track The Solent (the narrow body of water on the north side of the Isle of Wight), and then set ourselves up for a landing on Runway 30 at Bembridge Airport. Plan on your maximum cruise con-figuration.

Taxi ahead to the threshold of Runway 35, and proceed with your takeoff. When you've climbed to about 500 feet, do a 180 to the right, rolling out on whatever course puts a blinking light straight ahead of you. This is one of numerous lighthouse beacons along this coast.

As you fly, take some right side views of the city lights of Bournemouth. When you're over the water, take a left front view and note how The Solent lies in relation to the coast and the Isle of Wight. Turn left to head approximately over the center of it. You'll enter the passage at its narrowest point, and thereafter stay close to the north shore of the is-land.

Along with a couple of transmitter towers, there will be another lighthouse beacon visible off to your right. It's at St. Catherine's point, at the southern tip of the Isle of Wight.

Before long, Bembridge will show up as a bit of light to the right of your course. On the other side of The Solent the city lights of Portsmouth will turn on.

Fly to a point just beyond the northeastern tip of the is-land, and then turn downwind (heading 120 degrees). We'll fly a righthand pattern for Runway 30. Time to slow the air-plane up and get your gear down.

When you are well beyond the runway as seen out the right side, turn base (210 degrees) and continue to execute your approach and landing. Elevation is about 63 feet.

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