A Flight Simulator Odyssey

by Charles Gulick

The Arc de Triomphe

Chart: Northern France
En Route Coordinates:
   Aircraft: N17436, E14261
   Tower: --
   Aircraft: 600
   Tower: --
Heading: 286
Time: Daylight

You are pointed toward the Place Charles de Gaulle and its centerpiece, the Arc de Triomphe; The avenue on your left is the wide and handsome Champs Elysees, one of the world's most beautiful and fashionable streets.

The Arc de Triomphe was planned by Napoleon to commemorate the successes of his armies. Actual construction took place between 1806 and 1836. The monument stands 162 feet high and is 147 feet wide.

Under the vault of the arch is France's Tomb of the Unknown Soldier of World War I, topped by the Eternal Flame. The design was inspired by Roman triumphal arches and includes reliefs celebrating Napoleon's victories. A dozen wide, tree-lined streets radiate from the Place Charles de Gaulle, and the top of the Arc de Triomphe provides a sweeping view of them.

You can fly so as to keep the monument to your left or right, taking side views as pass by. Or, you can attempt to fly through the arch. Take your choice, but in any event watch your altitude because the Place Charles de Gaulle is about 545 feet above sea level.

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