A Flight Simulator Odyssey

by Charles Gulick

Montmartre Hill

Chart: Northern France
En Route Coordinates:
   Aircraft: N17438, E14268
   Tower: --
   Aircraft: 1000
   Tower: --
Heading: 011
Time: Daylight

You are flying toward the Montmartre district of Paris, named for the graceful little mountain you see just ahead. Also just ahead is the most conspicuous feature of Montmartre--a brilliant white basilica named Sacre Coeur. A basilica was originally a type of large public building in ancient Rome, having an oblong interior divided by two rows of columns into a central area or nave and two side aisles. The basilica pattern was adapted as a basic design for Christian churches from the time of Constantine (c280-337 A.D.). The Basilique du Sacre Coeur, built after the Franco-Prussian war, is a Paris landmark visible from everywhere in the city. Fly just to the left of it and take views out the right side.

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