A Flight Simulator Odyssey

by Charles Gulick

Beer Hall Putsch

Chart: Southern West Germany
En Route Coordinates:
   Aircraft: N17028, E16828
   Tower: N16987.542, E16853.039
   Aircraft: 3500
   Tower: 1816
Heading: 166
Time: Daylight

You're on a long left base for Runway 07 at Neubiberg Airport, Munich. It was in Munich's ironically festive beer hall, Hofbrauhaus, that an obscure Adolf Hitler in 1920 announced his 25-point program of German nationalism, anti-Semitism, and--because it made peace with the Allies--hatred for the Berlin government. Perhaps six persons (the other enrollees in the German Workers' Party) heard his harangue.

After serving as a corporal in the German army in World War I, Hitler in 1921 was made president of the new National Socialist (Nazi) party. Almost immediately he formed the again ironically-named "Gymnastic and Sports Division," which actually comprised his earliest storm troopers and was used to terrorize his political opponents.

Also in Munich in 1923, Hitler tried to seize the Bavarian government in an abortive Beer Hall Putsch. He was sentenced to five years imprisonment, but served less than nine months. During his imprisonment he dictated to Rudolph Hess his Mein Kampf, which he published in 1925.

We'll see more of Munich, closer up, in coming scenarios. But for now proceed on your base leg configuration. Elevation at Neubiberg is 1818 feet. Slow down and start losing some altitude as you fly over the city. Figure to have an altitude of about 2500 feet when you turn for your long final approach.

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