A Flight Simulator Odyssey

by Charles Gulick


A Flight Simulator Odyssey will take you and your airplane to more than 120 choice locations in today's greatly enhanced simulator world, ready to experience the realism, excitement, and challenge the world has to offer. You'll sightsee virtually every major landmark . . . view the most scenic vistas . . . execute more than three dozen straight-in and pattern airport approaches . . . visit numerous historic sites and learn some-thing about them . . . relive major events on the scene, from Washington crossing the Delaware to the Wright brothers at Kitty Hawk to the Johnstown flood to the invasion of Normandy . . . meet people and legends like P.T. Barnum, Howard Hughes, Charles Lindbergh, Paul Bunyan, and many more ... fly "contact" along rivers like the Rappahannock and St. Johns in the U.S. to the Seine in France, the Thames in En-gland, and the Rhine in Germany.

You'll never want for fun or challenge as you tackle more than 30 "wild times and shenanigans" scenarios, from impromptu landings that call for all your skills to flights demanding your most artful dodging techniques to the fascinating new "glider chase" sport (a thrill-a-minute game in itself) introduced by the author.

For those new to Flight Simulator we'll first take quick looks at some major landmarks and features in the New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle, and San Francisco Bay areas (even old-timers may find these interesting due to the fresh perspectives involved). Then we'll be off to explore in-depth the upgraded scenes and detail of the latest Scenery Disks: 7, 11, and Western European Tour (14).

As you fly, you'll learn something about the physical world below you. You'll also add to your flying skills, because many, if not all, the scenarios involve application of essential aircraft control techniques--some, indeed, calling for your very sharpest judgment. But the emphasis in this book is on the pleasure, sights, and sheer adventure of flying, rather than on instruction. However, if you are new to the idea of flying, there's a "Basic Flying Guide," Appendix A.

Inevitably, some instructional comments will appear in the course of the flights we make in this book. (The author asks the forbearance of advanced pilots in regard to these comments; they are intended for those less skilled.)

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