Realistic Commercial Flying with Flight Simulator

by John Rafferty

Chapter 16
Air-Taxi Service: Chicago—Du Page to Danville

It's a gray day here in West Chicago, but your mood is bright and sunny. You hang up the phone, sit back in your chair, and begin to consider a luxury Caribbean cruise.

You and your partner operate Du Page Flight Service here at the Du Page Airport, and business has been getting better every day. You've just taken another air-taxi assignment—this one a cushy overnight round robin, with all expenses paid plus a bonus. You figure that if things continue, you'll need a few more airplanes and some additional pilots before the end of the month.

Your passengers this time are an elderly couple, evidently quite well off, who have to attend to some business this evening down in Danville. Both are seasoned airline passengers, but the lady has never flown in a “little” airplane and is feeling apprehen-

Program Setup Values
Time1615 (4:15 p.m.)
CloudsLevel 1: 6000-7000 feet
WindSurface to 1000 feet:
210 degrees at 10 knots
Level 1: 1000–4000 feet:
240 degrees at 15 knots
Level 2: 4000–7000 feet:
270 degrees at 25 knots

sive. Hence the bonus: If you can get the couple to Danville and back without shaking them up too much, you'll be in for an extra 10 percent. And, of course, your food and lodging in Danville are all taken care of, with everything strictly first class.

Pilot's Analysis of Preflight Weather

There's an overcast here at Chicago, but you figure once you're out of the Chicago area, the skies should be clear for most, if not all, of the flight. The winds are typical, generally from the southwest, and no significant weather is expected anywhere along your route. Chances of earning that bonus look good.


Figure 16-1. Weather Briefing to Danville


Figure 16-2. Flight Log to Danville


Figure 16-3. Flight Plan to Danville

Pilot's Overview of Flight-Planned Route

It looks like direct to Joliet, Victor 429 down to Roberts, and then direct to Danville. The headings are easterly, so you figure on 5000 feet all the way.


On the Ramp, Ready to Copy

Cessna Three Zero Four Six Foxtrot
Cleared to Danville Vermilion
Flight-planned route
Maintain five thousand
Squawk one one two four.

You read back and indicate ready to taxi.

Four Six Foxtrot Ground
Departure runway will be 28
Proceed straight ahead
And turn right onto Runway 13.

After Turning onto Runway 13

Four Six Fox continue to the end of Runway 13
And hold short of the active Runway 28.

Holding at the End of Runway 13

Four Six Foxtrot contact Du Page Tower
On one two zero point niner.


Four Six Foxtrot cleared for departure
Runway 28
Altimeter three zero point zero five
Wind two one zero degrees at nine
Visibility fifteen
Temperature 67.

At Liftoff

Four Six Foxtrot turn left
Heading one eight five degrees
Climb and maintain twenty-five hundred.

At 1000 Feet

Four Six Foxtrot contact Chicago Approach
On one thirty-three point five good day.


Four Six Foxtrot Chicago Approach
Climb and maintain five thousand
Resume normal navigation.

5 Miles DME Before Joliet

Four Six Fox Chicago Center on one twenty-six point one.

Program Setup Entry
CloudsChange to none

40 Miles DME Before Roberts

Four Six Foxtrot Center on one twenty-seven point four five bye.


30 Miles DME Before Roberts

Four Six Foxtrot Chicago Center
We have an amended clearance
Ready to copy?

You reply affirmatively.

Cessna Three Zero Four Six Foxtrot
Cleared to Danville Vermilion
Direct to Roberts at five thousand
Then Roberts R-106 to Batan Intersection
After Roberts descend and maintain three thousand.

You read back and confirm, and then check the Danville approach plates to locate Batan Intersection.

At 25 Miles DME from Danville, on Roberts R-106

Four Six Foxtrot Champaign Approach
On one twenty-one point three five good day.


Four Six Foxtrot Champaign Approach
Maintain three thousand
Expect VOR approach to Runway 21.

At 15 Miles DME from Danville

Four Six Foxtrot
Descend and maintain twenty-three hundred
Contact Danville Tower on one twenty-four point zero so long.


Four Six Foxtrot Danville Tower
You're cleared for the VOR approach


Figure 16-4, Approach Plate, Danville VOR RWY 21

Runway 21
Altimeter two niner point niner five
Wind two one zero degrees at ten
Visibility twenty
Temperature 58.

On the Runway

Four Six Foxtrot continue past the Runway 16 intersection
Then turn right and hold clear of the active
Contact Ground on one twenty-one point eight good day.


Off the Active Runway and Holding

Four Six Fox Danville Ground where to?

You request transient parking.

Four Six Fox we have Butler, Danville Flight Service, and Texaco.

You tell him Butler is fine.

Four Six Fox cleared to Butler
That's right straight ahead of you there
By the red brick building.

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