Realistic Commercial Flying with Flight Simulator

by John Rafferty

Chapter 20
Northbound Commuter: Olympia to Seattle

You've had a break for lunch, the fuel tanks have been topped off, the ground crews have tidied up the cabin . . . and the weather remains as steady as a miser's fist. Your passengers for Seattle and Everett have boarded, so you're ready for your return as WashAir 202.

Program Setup Values
Time1345 hours (1:45 p.m.)
CloudsLevel 1: 2300–2800 feet


At the WashAir Gate, After Contacting Ground

WashAir Flight Two 0 Two
Cleared to Seattle-Tacoma International
Direct McChord, direct Seattle
Maintain three thousand
Squawk two four zero three

You read back, indicate ready to taxi.

WashAir Two 0 Two cleared to taxi for Runway 17
Proceed straight ahead and hold short of the active.

Approaching the Threshold of Runway 17

WashAir Two O Twp contact Olympia Tower
On one twenty-four point four so long.


WashAir Two 0 Two Olympia Tower
You're cleared for departure
Runway 17
Altimeter three zero point one zero
Wind one eight zero degrees at seven
Visibility fifteen miles
Temperature 62
Departure heading one five zero degrees.

At 1000 Feet

WashAir Two 0 Two turn left
Heading one zero zero degrees
Climb and maintain two thousand
Contact Tacoma Approach on one twenty-one point one good day.


WashAir Two 0 Two Tacoma Approach
Climb and maintain three thousand
Resume normal navigation.

5 Miles DME Before McChord

WashAir Two 0 Two contact Seattle Approach
On one twenty-three point niner good day.


WashAir Two 0 Two Seattle Approach
Maintain three thousand
Expect VOR Approach Runway 16 Left.

15 Miles DME Before Seattle

WashAir Two 0 Two contact Seattle Tower
On one one niner point niner see ya next time.


WashAir Two 0 Two Seattle Tower
You're cleared for the VOR approach to Runway 16
Altimeter three zero point one zero
Wind one seven zero degrees at five
Visibility fifteen miles
Temperature 65.

On the Runway

WashAir Two O Two turn left next intersection and hold
Contact Ground on one twenty-one point seven so long.


Holding Clear of Runway 16

WashAir Two O Two Seattle Ground you're cleared to your gate.

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