Realistic Commercial Flying with Flight Simulator

by John Rafferty

Chapter 29
Champaign Air Taxi to Danville

You crouch down, turning up your collar against the steady drizzle as you start across the tarmac under a dark and threatening sky here at Willard Field in Champaign, Illinois.

As you head for Four Six Foxtrot, which is fueled and ready to go, you carefully sidestep an extra-deep rain puddle on the ramp, pointing back to it for the benefit of your clients, who are right behind you. The group consists of two raincoat-clad businessmen and an umbrella-shrouded businesswoman who need immediate high-speed transportation—and in view of the weather, you've decided to take them yourself.

You're the chief stockholder and president of MaxAir Services, and you're also the senior pilot. Your staff of commercial pilots

Program Setup Values
Time0820 hours (8:20 a.m.)
CloudsLevel 1: 1800–2200 feet
Level 2: 3100–6000 feet
WindSurface to 1700 feet:
230 degrees at 10 knots
Level 1: 1700–2500 feet:
240 degrees at 20 knots
Level 2: 2500–7000 feet:
270 degrees at 30 knots

handle most of the air taxi and charter flights you provide, but you like to keep current, and today's weather offers the kind of challenge you relish.

Your three clients have requested air taxi service to Danville, without delay, and you've already checked the weather and filed IFR.



Figure 29-1. Weather Briefing to Danville

The weather is generally grim, but not forbidding. You have actual IFR conditions and low ceilings throughout the area, but your only real concern is the possibility of embedded thunderstorms. You're not equipped with weather radar, but you hope ATC radar can keep you clear of any embedded cells. The wind is moderate and generally southwesterly.


Figure 29-2. Flight Plan to Danville

The route itself is just direct to the Danville VOR, a distance of 41 nautical miles. While you have no need for a flight log, you can be sure that before you reach the VOR, they'll be clearing you for an instrument approach.


On the Ramp, Ready to Copy

Cessna Three Zero Four Six Foxtrot
Cleared to Danville Vermilion
Direct Danville
Maintain three thousand
Squawk one two two four.

You read back and indicate ready to taxi.

Four Six Foxtrot Ground
Cleared to taxi for Runway 22
Proceed straight ahead
And bear right at the fuel pumps.

Passing the Fuel Pumps

Four Six Fox continue to the end of the ramp
Then bear left onto the taxi strip to Runway 22
And hold short.

Holding at the Threshold of Runway 22

Four Six Foxtrot Tower on one two zero point four so long.


Four Six Foxtrot Champaign Tower
Position and hold.

In Position and Holding on Runway 22

Four Six Foxtrot cleared for departure
Runway 22
Altimeter two niner point niner zero
Wind two three zero degrees at ten
Visibility five
Temperature 67.

At 400 Feet

Four Six Foxtrot turn left
Heading one three zero degrees
Climb and maintain two thousand

At 800 Feet

Four Six Foxtrot turn left
Heading zero six zero degrees
Contact Champaign Approach
On one twenty-one point three five good day.


At 1500 Feet

Four Six Foxtrot Champaign
Climb and maintain three thousand
You're cleared direct to the Danville VOR.

10 Miles DME Before Danville

Four Six Foxtrot maintain three thousand
Expect the VOR Approach to Runway 21.

You locate the approach plate—which you've used recently on another air taxi flight to Danville—and study it, noting that because of the direction of your arrival at the VOR, this time you'll have to first turn outbound and execute the procedure turn.

5 Miles DME Before Danville

Four Six Foxtrot Danville Tower
On one two zero point four so long.


Four Six Foxtrot Danville Tower
You're cleared for the VOR approach
Runway 21
Altimeter two niner point niner zero
Wind two three zero degrees at ten

Visibility four miles
Temperature 69.

On the Runway

Four Six Foxtrot continue past the Runway 16 intersection
Then turn right and hold clear
Contact Ground on one twenty-one point eight see ya.


Off the Runway and Holding

Four Six Fox Danville Ground where to?

You request Butler Aviation.

Four Six Fox cleared to Butler
That's straight ahead to the red brick building.

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