Realistic Commercial Flying with Flight Simulator

by John Rafferty

Chapter 5
IFR Check Ride to Bridgeport

Let's go home. It's a pretty short hop back to Bridgeport, so this should be a piece of cake.


Preflight Weather

We've updated the weather, but there's little new since we left MVA. We can expect some clouds, but the forecasts haven't been too reliable in that respect. Anyway, you always get some unexpected local variations near the shore, but there are no thunderstorms reported and all airports should be well above minimums.

Flight Log

It's less than 40 miles from here to Bridgeport, so let's try filing direct. Then, after departure, we can just home on the Bridgeport VOR and that will be our only checkpoint. In fact, it's such an easy hop, maybe we can cheat a little and not even bother preparing a flight log. We'll just fill in a flight plan form, and go ahead and file.

Program Setup Values
Time1130 (11:30 a.m.)


Figure 5-1. Flight Plan to Bridgeport


On the Ramp at Hartford, Ready to Copy

Cessna Three Zero Four Six Foxtrot
Cleared to Sikorsky Memorial Airport
Victor two two niner to Madison
Then direct Bridgeport
Maintain three thousand
Squawk two three four one
Ready to taxi?

Tell him we're ready.

Four Six Foxtrot cleared to taxi for runway two zero.

Note that the departure heading will be 200 degrees (not 020).


Figure 5-2. Flight Log to Bridgeport

Approaching Runway 20

Four Six Foxtrot Brainard Tower on one one niner point six.


Four Six Foxtrot Brainard Tower position and hold.

In Position and Holding on Runway 20

Four Six Foxtrot cleared for departure
Runway two zero
Altimeter two niner point niner one
Winds calm
Visibility twenty miles
Temperature 65
Maintain runway heading on departure.

Note the time, and go when ready.

At Altitude 500 Feet

Four Six Foxtrot
Climb and maintain two thousand
Contact Bradley Approach on one twenty-three point eight five
Good day.


Four Six Foxtrot Bradley Approach
Turn left heading one six zero degrees
Vector to the Airway
Climb and maintain two thousand five hundred
Repeat that's two thousand five hundred
Resume normal navigation.

ETA at Madison?

15 Miles DME from Madison

Four Six Foxtrot
Contact Westchester Approach on one two zero point niner good day.


Four Six Foxtrot Westchester approach
Maintain two thousand five hundred
Expect vectors to the VOR approach
Sikorsky Runway 24.

1 Mile DME Before Madison

Four Six Foxtrot
Turn right heading two eight two degrees
Vector to Weems intersection
Descend and maintain eighteen hundred

When Outbound from Madison on Heading 282 Degrees

Four Six Foxtrot Tower on one two zero point niner see ya.


Four Six Foxtrot Bridgeport Tower
You're cleared for the VOR approach to Runway 24
Altimeter two niner point niner zero
Winds calm
Visibility twenty miles
Temperature 61

Program Setup Entry
CloudsLevel 1: 1000–1200 feet


Figure 5-3. Approach Plate, Bridgeport VOR RWY 24

On the Runway

Four Six Foxtrot Ground on one twenty-one point niner so long.

Four Six Foxtrot Ground
You're cleared to taxi to the BFC ramp.

Congratulations! Now you're ready for the real thing!

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