40 Great Flight Simulator Adventures

by Charles Gulick


No Time to

North Position: 15411 Rudder: 32767
East Position: 5747 Ailerons: 32767
Altitude: 2000 Flaps: 0
Pitch: 0 Elevators: 32767 (IBM only)
Bank: 0 Elevators: 36863 (all except IBM)
Heading: 150 Time: 1:15
Airspeed: 114 Season: 3-Summer
Throttle: 20479 Wind: 3 Kts, 60


You're over Santa Monica Bay in southern California, on base leg for runway 6L at Los Angeles International.


It's a beautiful night, and the view out your left side is a colorful one. You can pick out the runway at Santa Monica Municipal, and just south of that is Marina del Rey.

You'll want to get into approach configuration now, and start your turn to final about opposite the marina, because the runway is only a mile below the inlet. Your inbound heading will be 67 degrees (the runway is erroneously numbered). You're far enough out over the water (about seven or eight miles) to get lined up nice and straight. Elevation at LAX is 126. You can tune the VOR there on 113.6 if you like. And the tower frequency is 133.8.
    The runway you're bound for is the leftmost straight line you'll see on final. It and its companion runway look like one wide strip, but they're not. A few miles off the end of the runway you'll see the lights around the marina. Then after the disk access, the runway gets outlined and all kinds of lights brighten your approach.
    This mode is a good one to sharpen up your night perception and your approach precision. Get it down real fine and you might even want to try a nighttime touch and go.

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